Chiropractic has a wide range of philosophies and methods which guide approaches to treatment.

When you arrive at the office, you’ll go through the clinical exam. The first part of the exam is a standard discussion of your medical history and symptoms.

You will be asked:
• Personal and family medical history
• History of injuries and illnesses
• Current health issues and any medications you might be taking
• Sleeping habits, diet, and level of exercise
• Significant mental stresses, both work and personal

Next, you will be asked to describe your specific concerns. Discuss the location of the pain and when you first started to experience it. If it seems connected with an injury, discuss the injury as well.

You will be asked to describe the pain—is it mild, continuous, sharp? Does it appear and disappear, or linger? When is it better or worse?

The Chiropractic Exam
The doctor will then conduct a series of standard medical tests:
• Blood pressure, reflexes, pulse, and respiration
• Digital X-rays, as indicated.
• Checking the range-of-motion of the affected part
• Muscle strength and tone

You may be asked to move an afflicted joint or limb in specific ways or, for back issues, demonstrate your posture. The doctor may ask if you are comfortable with him performing some chiropractic manipulation.

After the basic tests, the doctor may determine your condition requires further diagnostics, including MRI or laboratory tests.

The Plan
We will work with you to craft a treatment plan. The treatment plan will be individualized for your specific problems, and may include:

• A course of joint manipulations or adjustments
• Soft tissue healing and pain control techniques, such as traction or ultrasound
• Exercises to improve muscle coordination, balance, or strength
• Education to work on motor control or posture
• Other treatments as indicated such as heat/cold treatment and massage.

Dress comfortably and wear loose fitting clothes.
Don’t forget to bring your insurance information with you.

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