Contact reflex analysis, or CRA, is a technique which analyzes the flow of energy in your body. Also known as ‘Muscle Testing’ and ‘Applied Kinesiology,’ CRA relies on the body’s innate knowledge of its balances and imbalances. Our optimal well-being requires a balanced state of biology and nervous activity. Illnesses and disorders are all detectable as harmonic discordance within the nervous system.

Founded on similar principles to acupuncture, CRA chiropractors in Michigan use your body’s muscle reflexes to find imbalances in the body. Here we’ll explain what contact reflex analysis is and how it can help you.

Reflex Analysis

How CRA Works

CRA uses your own body’s muscle resistance to determine the origin of any blockage or illness painlessly. Your weaknesses become expressed through the reflex points as they are touched. This response to the many conditions and deficiencies in the body is then analyzed. Nervous contact at meridians across the body and the resistance found serves as a gauge, similarly using your arm in a to a circuit indicator. The applications are near endless.

CRA can reveal information on everything from nutrition to your underlying biology. Leading CRA chiropractors in Michigan can isolate the areas of your body which require attention to devise the best therapy for you.

A Contact Reflex Analysis Session

A contact reflex analysis chiropractor will ask you to assume an upright position; you’ll then be asked to outstretch one of your arms. The practitioner will determine the polarity of your arms through a series of questions and reflex responses. With an arm outstretched at shoulder height, a chiropractor will press down at specific reflex points using his or her fingertips. These reflex points are the meridians shared with acupuncture.

They are indicators of the flow of energy in your body. Whether your arm stays upright or drops down determines a yes or no while the resistance encounters refine the reading. The muscle responses from a chiropractor’s chosen range of meridians concerning larger systems in the body grants key info. Details at the root of any issues present are found and put into perspective.

Reflex Analysis Treatment

CRA’s Role in Treatment

CRA is invaluable in developing a personalized treatment plan which is perfect for you. At times, natural sources of healing can help more than physical techniques as is the case with dietary adjustments. If a chiropractic technique such as joint or spinal adjustment is needed, CRA will ascertain what is best. As an early discovery tool, a contact reflex analysis session is invaluable.

Internal imbalances can be identified without the need for uncomfortable, invasive procedures. This allows problems to be found and treated before they develop into more severe issues. Tight muscles, vertebral subluxation, and any misalignment, can all be confirmed by CRA.

Try a CRA Chiropractor for Personalized Treatment

Affordable, practical, and effective, a contact reflex analysis chiropractor MI will check each of your reflex points. The responses show a deficit or overflow of energy and devise a complete picture of health.

A chiropractor can then formulate an individual treatment best suited to you. With a focus on natural products and nutrition, a SpinePlus Chiropractic CRA chiropractor will give you a total wellness treatment.

There is no better way to restore your vigor & vitality than with the help of your chosen professional and a detailed contact reflex analysis.

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