The natural breakdown of the discs within the spine during aging is the primary cause of degenerative disc disease. Chiropractic therapy will help you work through this pain during every stage of this disease.

Degenerative Disc


Spinal discs separate each vertebra of the spine. They are fluid-filled cushions in charge of shock-absorption.

Water loss within these discs is the main contributor to degenerative disc disease. Without liquids, the discs begin to flatten and lose their ability to function.

The developments of small cracks lead to the fluid to leaking out. Tears or cracks can cause bulging discs, which could lead to discs breaking into fragments, or rupturing completely. When the discs are displaced your risk for nerve damage is also increased.

The areas of your spine with the most mobility are more susceptible to degeneration. These areas include the lower back, and neck.

Age is not the only factor. Active individuals working in jobs that require heavy lifting are also at high risk of developing this disease. If you play contact sports or practice lifting weights with a poor technique you are also at risk.

Chiropractic Therapy Services


Every individual’s body is different, and the symptoms can vary. Pain is the first symptom to arise. It originates from the affected area and in some cases radiates to other areas of the body.

Pain either starts gradually or appears after a major or minor accident. It is important to make an appointment with your doctor at the onset of pain to diagnose degenerative disc in the initial stages.


Degenerative disc disease can be broken into three stages.

Stage one often does not involve large amounts of pain and can be hard to identify. An affected person will feel slight discomfort and notice that their spine has lost some of its natural curvatures. Proper posture is also compromised to compensate for the development of degenerated discs forming in the spine.

Stage two is when degeneration begins to increase. Pain levels are moderately accompanied by feeling fatigued. Like stage one these small changes can be confused with normal aches and pains throughout your day.

Stage three is when your symptoms become the most noticeable. Posture issues are clear, and pain levels worsen. If your disc degeneration is within the neck, pain can radiate through the arms and degeneration within the lower back causes pain in the legs and hips.

Spine Plus Chiropractic

Spine Plus Chiropractic offers degenerative disc remedies that can greatly assist you in managing the disease and its symptoms. Our chiropractic specialists will complete a physical exam to identify trouble areas in need of treatment.

The earlier Disc Degeneration is detected, the more we can help you with associated pain.

If you have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease or suspect you may have it, don’t delay. Call today and make an appointment to hear how Spine Plus Chiropractic can help alleviate your pain caused by degenerative disc disease.

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