The use of supplements has increased considerably in recent times. Many companies produce them. But not all brands are created equal. In fact, some don’t even contain the supplement you thought you were purchasing.

If you are taking supplements that aren’t pharmaceutical grade, you may be ingesting many other ingredients besides the actual supplement you want or need.

What Exactly Is a Pharmaceutical Grade Supplement?
Pharmaceutical grade supplements are supplements that are produced under meticulous laboratory conditions, tested for impurities and contaminants and are free of filler ingredients. These supplements are considered the best regarding quality and are prescribed by doctors.

The term “pharmaceutical grade” does come with a strict legal definition. It refers to compounds and raw ingredients that have met the strict standards set for purity and processing conditions. These standards are established and enforced by the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP), a compilation of drug information for the United States. (the USP has no enforcement capabilities. That is the purview of the Food and Drug Administration.) An ingredient that is pharmaceutical grade has been verified by an outside agency, as opposed to the ingredient’s manufacturer, to be at least 99% pure.

The manufacturing processes and facilities that are used to produce this pure product are regularly inspected by the USP to ensure they meet strict standards.Random samples of the supplements are taken periodically and tested to ensure quality control and purity is maintained.

Why you should buy Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements
OTC Supplements are NOT regulated by FDA.Studies have found that most OTC products do not contain exactly what is listed on the label and often contain contaminants and fillers.

Pharmaceutical-grade supplements are produced in a non-allergen facility, free from dairy, wheat, gluten, nuts, and other ingredients that are considered common allergens.

Pharmaceutical grade supplements are very beneficial in helping to achieve and maintain a healthy nutritional balance. Health care professionals utilize these ultra-pure formulas to minimize exposure of their patients to any unnecessary toxins, fillers, or otherwise unwanted ingredients.

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