Before you reach for another pill, think about how pain affects your life. The way you treat your pain often determines how you heal. One of the latest techniques used in pain relief today is laser therapy. You can eliminate pain without the use of drugs or invasive surgery.

Laser therapy could be the solution to the pain you suffer, especially chronic neck and back pain. It is currently being used to treat spinal herniation, bulged and herniated discs, shoulder pain, and knee pain.

What Is Laser Therapy?
Laser therapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses low-level lasers or LEDs on the surface of the body. High-power lasers are used in medicine to cut tissue, LEDs are used to relieve pain and to stimulate cell function.

Laser therapy captures and magnifies energy from an invisible spectrum of light. The therapeutic laser gives the light the ability to reach tissues up to 2 inches below the skin’s surface. This process sends energy and therapeutic light into the damaged cells.

During the treatment, an interaction between the photons and the cells takes place as the laser enters the tissue and alters the cell membranes permeability. The mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) absorb the light, accelerating cell reproduction and growth.

It is a non-invasive procedure meaning it doesn’t require any surgical incisions. Lack of surgical incisions also means there is no extensive recovery time needed. It does not involve taking any medications and has no serious side effects. Most patients feel very little or nothing at all during the treatment session. Some patients will feel a slight tingling sensation in the area being treated as blood flow increases in that area.

What Conditions Does It Treat?
A wide range of conditions can be successfully treated with laser therapy:
• Back Pain
• Neck Pain
• Tennis Elbow
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Muscle Pain
• Fibromyalgia
• Arthritis Osteo and Rheumatoid
• Tendinitis
• Sinusitis
• Plantar Fascitis
• Post-Operative Healing
• Contusions
• Bursitis
• Wound Healing
• Repetitive Stress Syndrome

Laser therapy is an option worth considering to relieve or eliminate pain, especially for those patients seeking a treatment without the use of invasive surgery or drugs. It can be used alone or in combination with chiropractic therapies.

Even though it is still a relatively new treatment option, it is considered a viable treatment for those seeking a non-invasive alternative treatment method.

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