The first step when you experience pain is determining the cause.

The Asyra® system can do that.

Asyra® is part of bioresonance testing. Bioresonance (or “bioenergetic”) testing is based on the electromagnetic nature of human bodies. Our nervous systems operate on electricity. Our magnetic energy is captured by MRI machines. EEGs and EKGs provide pictures of the electrical activity in our brains and hearts.

How Bioresonance Works
Bioresonance testing is a non-invasive procedure. It relies on the ability of our cells to resonate at determinable frequencies. They can receive electrical signals from other cells, and transmit them on. They also interact with the body’s other systems. Healthy cells resonate at different frequencies than unhealthy ones. This difference allows for detection of unhealthy cells.

Inverting the resonating frequency of the unhealthy cells allows the bioresonance technology to treat the unhealthy cells. The inverted frequency helps the cells return to their healthy resonance levels. Supplemented with other treatments taken at home, bioresonance treatment helps the body re-establish control over its regulatory system, returning the patient to health.

Many doctors use bioresonance and acupuncture together. Bioresonance testing equipment has a good success rate when it focuses on the acupressure points on the body.

The key differentiator of the Asyra® treatment system from standard bioresonance is its flexibility. For example, it can examine and treat without focusing directly on the acupressure points, and still achieve a high level of accuracy.

Asyra® focuses on the organ systems, looking directly for the places where the body is under stress.

Asyra® also supports a more flexible, wider range, of treatments. It allows the patient and practitioner to select from many different treatment possibilities.

The Asyra® also produces a homeopathic remedy, optimized for the patient’s specific needs, based on the information the Asyra® discovers.

Asyra® in Chiropractic
The Asyra® is an electrodermal testing system. The patient holds two electrodes which pass a very weak current over their skin. It locates imbalances—both bioenergetic and biochemical—throughout the body. It allows your practitioner to find nutritional deficiencies and slight organ stresses.

The Asyra’s® ability to select from over 40,000 treatment items—including pharmaceutical, homeopathic, herbal, and nutritional ones—helps you and your chiropractor hone in on a holistic health plan tailored to your specific problem.

On the Day of Treatment
Hydration provides more accurate readings so drink plenty of water before your appointment. For the 8-10 hours before treatment, don’t take any nutritional supplements, though you can, and should continue with any prescribed medications.

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