Semimembranosus Muscle Pain in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Muscle Pain

Semimembranosus muscle pain is most commonly referred to as a hamstring injury. Inside of your thigh, there are three muscles, one being the Semimembranosus which runs from the pelvis, down the back of the thigh bone to the lower leg. There are a number of tendons which connect the muscle to the leg.

Hamstring injuries are common in athletes and can refer to a pull, partial tear or complete tear of the hamstring.

Hamstring Injury Cause

Sudden accelerations during running can lead to a strain on the hamstring. This can happen in most sports that involve running such as baseball, sprinting and soccer. In a small number of cases, a direct hit on the muscle can also cause damage to the hamstring.

The severity of a hamstring injury will usually be graded from 1 to 3 with 3 being the most severe type, which is usually a complete rupture. A grade 3 hamstring will usually always occur in those who are most active when it comes to running


If you happened to sprint suddenly and feel a sudden sharp pain in the back of your thigh, it is likely that you have sustained a hamstring injury. Your leg may also feel very tight and or tender.

In more serious hamstring injuries there may be visible bruising.


Semimembranosu Muscle Pain

Treatment for a hamstring injury will depend on the severity. One of the first things that are required after muscle injury is plenty of rest, which may take several weeks.

Anti-inflammatory medicine can also help if you happen to have any inflammation around the thigh. Muscle strengthening is also recommended to help you build strength around the injured muscle. This should not be rushed and a gradual approach is best.

At SpinePlus, we creat a tailored treatment plan to help your hamstring injury heal as quickly as possible and provide you with the best treatments possible for any other health concerns or pain you may have.

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