The miracle of pregnancy does not come without its aches and pains. Sore joints, sore back, and aching hips are all common experiences for an expecting woman. Back pain, in particular, tends to be a common affliction for pregnant women as their bodies are carrying extra weight which can strain muscles and joints.

Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy

Rather than deal with the discomfort and live in pain, there are treatment options that can not only help deal with pain but improve your health overall. Chiropractic adjustments can help realign the spine and pelvis which will increase circulation and take care of those persistent aches and pains.

Changes in the Body

From the moment of conception, a woman’s body begins to go through a series of changes to prepare for the developing fetus. These changes include hormonal, chemical, and physical imbalances that are necessary for the healthy development of the fetus but can cause a number of unpleasant side effects for the pregnant woman, including: nausea, dizziness, heartburn, constipation, gas, spider veins, and, of course, body aches.

It is impossible to avoid experiencing these changes, but it is possible to try and lessen the discomfort and make your pregnancy more bearable. After all, it’s a full-time job for the next nine months, so it would be beneficial to find help sooner rather than later.

Chiropractic Adjustments During Pregnancy 

In regard to pregnancy, the most popular and effective adjustments that a chiropractor may suggest will largely involve spine and pelvic adjustments. Every chiropractor has some training in the treatment of pregnant women (or in the treatment of women struggling with infertility). Some specialize in the area, and can be recognized by the following titles:

  • ICPA – International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
  • DACCP – Diplomate with ICPA, highest level of advanced training
  • CACCP – Certified with ICPA, advanced training
  • Member of ICPA, special interest
  • Webster Certified – trained to work with pelvic adjustments for pregnant women

But how do you know if you need chiropractic adjustments? And how do you know if they are the right treatment?

During pregnancy, women can often experience misaligned joints or an increased spinal curve due to the added weight and stress of carrying the growing baby. These postural and joint imbalances can be extremely painful and can increase mental stress in addition to physical discomfort. These types of conditions are one of the specialties of a trained chiropractor, and a series of small adjustments can be just what you need to discomfort.

There are other treatment options, but few that will get to the heart of the issue as quickly and effectively as a chiropractic adjustment. Furthermore, because chiropractic care focuses on the proper alignment and flow of the central nervous system, keeping the spine aligned can help keep the rest of your body working efficiently.

The Importance of Pelvic Adjustments for Pregnant Women 

For many women, pregnancy and the constant struggle for the fetus to sit comfortably in the woman’s body causes the pelvic joints to become misaligned. This can cause discomfort, but more importantly, it can lead to serious complications during labor and the birthing process.

A misaligned pelvis can “make it difficult for the baby to get into the best possible position for delivery,” which can cause the baby to be born breech, or require your doctor to resort to a cesarean operation to safely deliver your baby. With simple, effective pelvic adjustments, a skilled chiropractor can realign your body and help ensure labor is as unproblematic as possible.

A properly aligned pelvis can also help reduce the time of labor, as your body will be in the best possible position to deliver. When the baby has no obstacles, and your body is prepared to deliver, it can make the process of childbirth flow more smoothly and with far fewer complications.

Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy: A Quick Overview

Chiropractic care during pregnancy can help ease (or eradicate entirely) aches, pains, and conditions caused by changes in the body during pregnancy, including:

  • Headaches/migraines
  • Muscle Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Joint Misalignment
  • Spine Misalignment
  • Pelvic Misalignment
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Breech Births
  • Cesarean Delivery
  • Nausea

Chiropractic adjustments throughout your pregnancy can improve your health and the overall health of your baby, in turn. Beyond simple pain relief, chiropractic adjustments have been proven to reduce the time of labor and delivery by improving a woman’s overall pelvic alignment which allows for an easier birth process.

These non-invasive techniques are safe and effective at assisting with the complications and discomforts that go hand-in-hand with pregnancy and should be considered a critical role in an effective treatment plan for your pregnancy.

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