Millions of Americans suffer from acid reflux disease. Acid reflux is so common that it has happened to just about everyone at least once. The burning sensation is caused by acid from your stomach rising into your esophagus. The burning can also be felt in the lower chest or stomach area. It is also referred to as heartburn, which is deceiving because acid reflux is not related to your heart at all. For those who suffer from heartburn more than twice a week, they most likely have or acid reflux disease.

Acid Reflux Remedies

Often acid reflux is treated with over the counter products to reduce the burning. Avoiding things like spicy foods, tomato, citrus, caffeine, carbonation, and chocolate can help. Not smoking and watching your weight can also ease the symptoms. Of course, you shouldn’t eat too close to bedtime, or you may experience acid reflux instead of the sleep you need. Your acid reflux may stem from having a hiatal hernia. A hiatal hernia is a protruding of the stomach muscles through the esophageal opening in the diaphragm caused by weak muscle tissues which trigger your acid reflux symptoms.


Some symptoms include burping, vomiting, nausea, relentless hiccups and chronic sore throat. You may also experience chest pain that is often mistaken for heart disease. Once you have been diagnosed with acid reflux disease, your next step is treatment. Of course, you know about the over the counter medications that most doctors recommend but if you want to remedy your acid reflux naturally, there are many options.

Homeopathic Remedies

There are some homeopathic acid reflux remedies available to you. A baking soda-water mixture can help neutralize your stomach acid. Aloe juice reduces inflammation, and this may also help with your heartburn. Believe it or not, a simple stick of sugar-free gum can increase your saliva which can help clear away the acid.

Did you know that bananas contain natural antacids to buffer acid or that an apple a day can help relieve discomfort caused by acid reflux?

Natural remedies are often a better option than over the counter medications.

Chiropractic Help

There is another way to help to manage your acid reflux: Go to the chiropractor. There is a direct link between the stomach nerves and the nerves in the spine. Your chiropractor’s goal is to correct joint dysfunctions and keep your spine restriction free so that it can function at its best level.

Along with helping you achieve a healthy weight, a chiropractor can adjust your spinal muscles to help relieve stress. These adjustments can also take stress off your joints which will help relieve the pressure off your nerves. These efforts to realigning your spine will help manage your acid reflux and can heal the damage done to the esophagus and stomach lining.

Hiatal Hernia and Acid Reflux

If your acid reflux stems from a hiatal hernia, your chiropractor treatment can also help. With his hands, he may exert pressure on your stomach to relieve the tightness and help to reduce the restriction on the vagus nerve pathway. The vagus nerve runs from your lower brainstem down through your neck, chest, heart, and lungs. It breaks off into a bundle of nerves in the stomach. Your acid reflux can be a result of your hiatal hernia and its effect on the vagus nerve.

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