Leg Pain Treatment in West Bloomfield Township, MI

Leg Pain

Suffering from leg pain can have major impacts on your lifestyle. Leg pain often hinders restful sleep, leaving suffers feeling fatigued and hopeless. Normal activities like bending over or using steps can feel impossible. Don’t let leg pain get in the way of enjoying your life. If you find yourself constantly talking pain pills or withdrawing from normal activities, it might be time to look at better solutions. Over-the-counter (OTC) pain, relievers can have long-term side effects if overused. Expensive pharmaceutical painkillers grow ineffective over time requiring an increase in dosage. Get out of the cycle of masking discomfort by finding the cause of your leg pain.

Common causes of leg pain

Poor blood circulation or repetitive use often cause minor leg discomfort and soreness. Long-term pain can be the symptoms of spinal misalignments causing muscle spasms and restrictive range of motion. Other serious conditions such as autoimmune disorders can also cause frequent leg ache. SpinePlus Chiropractic offers a variety of leg pain treatment possibilities that are safe and address compounding causes.

Stop feeling hopeless and start feeling better

Leg Pain Treatment

Treatment begins with an individualized review of mechanical functionality and range of motion with state-of-the-art equipment and digital X-ray imaging. Patients are provided a full range of nutritional solutions and safe alternative supplements. A combined approach gives patients real and lasting results for lifestyle well-being. Treatment options available include: • Spinal and neck adjustments • Joint manipulation • Massage therapy • Nutrition consultation • Contact Reflex Analysis • Herbal and Homeopathic treatments • Pharmaceutical grade supplements

Find natural treatment locally

Local to West Bloomfield Township, SpinePlus Chiropractic is conveniently located and offers a full-service facility to diagnose, relieve, and treat. Chiropractic care works to restore you to full function with safe and natural solutions.

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