Laser Therapy & Chiropractic Treatment in Bloomfield Hills, MI

If you have tried conventional treatment for any conditions that require pain relief which has not worked, laser therapy might be an option. Laser therapy, also known as cold laser therapy can help relieve pain for various chiropractic conditions including any type of joint and arthritis pain.

Laser therapy does not require any type of surgical incision and is therefore considered non-invasive. It is also preferred by those that would like a drug free treatment option. It can also be used to speed up the healing of any injuries, and in some cases, laser therapy has been shown to heal fractures up to 60% faster.

Currently, this type of treatment is extremely popular in Europe, although it is gaining popularity in the United States.

How Does Laser Light Therapy Work?

Wavelengths of light penetrate the damaged cells in the body and stimulate cellular activity. This can alleviate pain and allow the damaged cells to recover quicker. Other benefits of laser therapy include a boost in metabolism, improved blood circulation and healing inflammation.

The procedure itself is painless, and the only thing you may feel is the device itself coming into contact with your skin. After that, some people have reported a slightly warm feeling or tingling sensation.
Most treatments will only take minutes to perform with the majority of patients experiencing an immediate improvement. Larger surface areas of the body, like the back, will take longer to perform the treatment.

Of course, to benefit from laser therapy, this will depend on your condition and its severity, and you may need several sessions.

Who Should Not Have Laser Therapy

If you are pregnant, you should not have laser therapy around or over the womb. Also, anybody with a cancerous tumor should not try to treat it with laser therapy.

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