Knee Pain Medication in West Bloomfield Township, MI

Suffers from knee pain may struggle to walk and even sitting can be uncomfortable. Continued use of an injured knee can exasperate the damage and prolong healing. Stopping knee pain is complicated and may require the help of professionals who understand the intricacy of the knee joint.

Understanding knee pain

The knee is one of the most sophisticated structures in the human body. The combination of muscles, bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons work in harmony to create fluid movement. When even one of these pieces malfunction the integrity of whole knee is compromised causing pain. Treating knee pain requires a full understanding of the complicity and mechanics of the knee.

Surgery may increase the damage by causing harm to another component requiring additional surgery. Knee pain medication masks the problems, which can allow the cause to grow and impact other functional areas of the knee.

Chiropractic’s isn’t just for backs

SpinePlus Chiropractic’s offers a range of safe and natural treatments that attack your knee pain at its root cause. A full exam will help pinpoint the problem with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. By understanding the real problem, treatment will center on recovering the full range of motion by reducing swelling and helping to return muscle strength. Treatments may include the following:

• Hot and cold applications
• Muscle stimulation
• Ultrasound
• Pharmaceutical grade supplements
• Therapeutic exercises

It’s time to do something about knee pain

West Bloomfield Township, you have a solution that is local and trustworthy. SpinePlus Chiropractic can put you on the road to recovery. Stop letting knee pain rob you of precious time and start living a full and active life again.

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