Herniated discs can be an ongoing problem and affect individuals of all ages. Although there are multiple herniated disc remedies available, it is important to implement prevention techniques into your everyday routines to help prevent the issue from occurring.

Herniated Discs

Herniated Disc Prevention

There is no guaranteed method to prevent the development of herniated discs, but you can take some steps to lessen the chances of its development. These suggestions can also be applied to benefit your overall spinal health.

 Maintain Proper Posture

Everyone talks about the importance of proper posture, but in reality, it can be hard to maintain throughout all of your daily activities. Some things to remember for good posture include standing up straight with your shoulders back, sitting with your feet placed flat on the floor or elevated, and trying not to slouch when working on the computer.

You should see a specialist to help identify your individual alignment issues and create a treatment program based on your specific needs.

Healthy Weight

Eating healthy and keeping up with a well-balanced diet lowers your risk of herniated discs and many other diseases.
Being overweight places extra pressure on the spinal discs. seriously increasing the chances of them deteriorating or becoming displaced.

 Proper Lifting Techniques

Using proper lifting techniques are not just for specialized athletes. We lift things every day from children to groceries, and it is important to make sure you are doing so properly. Bend at your knees, keep your back straight, and support the weight with your leg muscles instead of back muscles.

 Have a Regular Exercise Routine

Exercising regularly improves your posture, and promotes healthy joints and bones. Make sure to utilize both stretching and strengthening exercises into your normal routine to keep your body balanced.

 Avoid Wearing High Heels

High heeled shoes place your spine in an unnatural position and create extra strain on the lower back, an area susceptible to herniated discs.

Wearing high heels every day causes certain muscles to become weak and others tight increasingly worsening your posture over time and your possibility of developing herniated discs.

If You Already Suffer from Herniated Disc

Any of the abovementioned methods to prevent herniated discs can also act as part of your herniated disc remedies program.
• A nutritionist can provide you with natural herniated disc treatment through dietary changes. There are many pain-relieving benefits provided by certain vitamins like Vitamins E, C, and K that can help reduce your pain.
• If you must drive long distances, try to pull over and get out and stretch your legs by walking to avoid back stiffness.
• Refrain from activities that require an excessive amount of bending over, twisting motions, jerking movements, and lifting heavy weights.
• Consult a chiropractic specialist so he or she can prescribe a specialized herniated disc remedies program.
Resorting to pain medication may seem like the best way to treat your pain but seeking out natural herniated disc treatments will give you more comprehensive long-lasting results.

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