Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Remedies in West Bloomfield Township, MI

Many of us will experience some form of back pain at some stage. Generally, this pain will pass, either from time’s natural healing process or because we stop partaking in the activity which brought on the pain in the first place. However, if the pain doesn’t go away, there’s usually a more sinister reason, like pinched nerves, strained muscles, or slipped disks. In these cases, your doctor may recommend surgery to fix the problem. Ideally, this is the end of it. Sometimes, though, the pain persists after surgery. This is a condition referred to as “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome” or FBSS.

Failed Back Surgery

What causes FBSS?

We tend to expect that after surgery, the problems we had which brought us to the operating table are minimized, if not gone entirely. Unfortunately, in an estimated 10-40% of back-related surgery cases, the pain persists. Sometimes, it’s as simple as finding out that what was thought to be causing your back pain actually wasn’t the culprit. Sometimes, it could be because you have osteoporosis, a degenerative disease which can cause fractures, and therefore pain, in the spine. Sometimes there is no specific cause, although it is more common to find FBSS in complicated surgical cases.

Can I avoid FBSS?

Seeing the cause of FBSS isn’t clear, you may not be able to avoid it. You can, however, minimize your chances of getting back pain in the first place. Avoid putting unnecessary strain on your back; for example, when lifting heavy objects, use your legs to help lift, rather than putting the entire job onto your back muscles. If you suffer from back pain, continue to take moderate exercise, particularly those exercises which place little strain on your back, like walking. Maintain good posture, and look after your bones by watching your calcium intake.

Back Pain

What can I do if I get FBSS?

If you are interested in finding out more about Failed Back Surgery Syndrome remedies in West Bloomfield Township, MI, have a chat with us. We will create a tailored treatment plan to provide you with the best treatments possible for any health concerns or pain you may have.

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