Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Remedies in Novi, MI

The spine is a complex system made up of ligaments, joints, and vertebrae. As the spine or backbone ages, it becomes prone to injury and disorders. When a disorder or injury is degenerative, it will deteriorate over time.

A person may choose to have surgery if a condition becomes debilitating and regular treatment has not been successful or provided enough relief.

If you have chosen to have surgery on your back or spine which has not been successful, and you are still experiencing pain afterward, you may have FBSS or failed back surgery syndrome.

Failed Back Surgery

What is FBSS?

Failed back surgery syndrome is not actually a syndrome, which is why FBSS is a misnomer. In the medical field, there is no other term similar to FBSS. For example, there is no failed hip replacement surgery or failed kidney transplant surgery.

In simple terms, failed back surgery syndrome is pain which is still experienced or pain which returns, after surgery on the spine or back.

Symptoms of FBSS

If you have had back surgery, one of the most obvious symptoms will be continuous back pain that does not subside during and after recovery. The pain which is experienced can be on the same level prior to surgery or perhaps, increased.

Other symptoms of FBSS include experiencing new pain after surgery, pain around the neck area, sharp or sudden pain and fatigue.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Remedies

Although some believe that resting is beneficial, light exercise and physical therapy can increase muscle strength and improve flexibility. Low impact exercises can reduce some of the weight which is placed on the back.

Adjusting your daily life can also help. Wearing the correct footwear, practicing good posture even when you sleep are all good natural ways to help with FBSS. Therapeutic massage is another option which can help with failed back surgery syndrome.

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