Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Remedies in Bloomfield Hills, MI

The spine or the backbone is a complex system or nerves, ligaments, and joints. Over time as we get older, the back can be susceptible to injuries and other conditions. If these conditions become debilitating, then regular treatment may not provide the relief that we need.

In such cases that conventional methods of treatment have not worked, an individual may choose to undergo surgery. Most surgery that is used to correct any issues with the spine is successful. Surgery to the spine is also less invasive and painful than other types of surgery and you could be home the very same day.

For a small minority of cases though you may still experience pain or discomfort afterward.

In rare cases, the pain after surgery could even be worse than it was before. This is known as FBSS or failed back surgery syndrome.

If you do experience FBSS, pain could develop after you have had surgery or it could happen gradually.

Possible Treatments for FBSS


Although many may recommend bed rest, exercise is key to alleviating any pain experienced after surgery. Low impact exercises are specifically recommended or any other exercise which can strengthen your abdominal muscles. There is also the advantage of improving muscle strength which takes some of the weight off your back.

2.Over the Counter Medication

There is a variety of safe over the counter medications available for FBBS. You can also receive injections which can get rid of any pain for several months.


There are many lifestyles changes you can make to help with FBBS. Wearing the correct footwear by having shoes or sneakers custom made can be beneficial. Practicing good posture when sitting, especially if you work at a desk, also helps.

Here at Spineplus we will create a tailored treatment plan to provide you with the best treatments possible for any health concerns or pain you may have.

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