Ear Infections Remedies in West Bloomfield Township, MI

Ear Infections

Although ear infections more commonly affect children, this condition can also appear in adults. They can be painful and uncomfortable while still allowing you to function normally.

To those who suffer from frequent ear infections, they are a huge nuisance. Chiropractic ear infections remedies target the underlying conditions to reduce the frequency of recurring infections.

Causes of Ear Infections

The middle ear has a natural method of ventilation. Air flows through the nose and travels into the Eustachian tube to keep the middle ear dry and free of bacteria. If the Eustachian tube develops a blockage, the middle ear loses its ability to ventilate itself and becomes moist and warm.

Viruses and bacteria thrive in warm damp areas of the body. If the middle ear is unable to ventilate itself, it is vulnerable to infection.

What Blocks the Eustachian Tube?

Adenoids are the glands located in the roof of the mouth where the throat connects to the nose. When they become swollen, they block the Eustachian tubes, and this can lead to an infection of the middle ear.

Additional causes include blockage of the nasal passageways as a result of allergies or colds. In children, the Eustachian tube is still developing. Therefore, it is too soft to function normally and has a hard time remaining open to ventilate the middle ear.

Ear Infection


Symptoms that require ear infections remedies include feeling as if the ear is full, severe pain, fluid discharge, nausea, and trouble hearing.

Children are incapable of adequately describing their symptoms. To be able to intervene promptly when an infection occurs, observe your child for physical symptoms such as disrupted sleep, pulling at the ear, and crying when lying down.

Ear Infections Remedies

Typically, one-time ear infections disappear on their own with the aid of over-the-counter-pain medications. When ear infections become repetitive, additional ear infections remedies are required.

Poor posture hinders the Eustachian tube’s ability to function normally. Chiropractic work helps ear infections by correcting the alignment of the spine or neck to allow the Eustachian tube to ventilate the ear.

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