Many Chiropractors, for a good reason, have switched to Digital X-Rays. These types of x-rays offer advantages to the doctor and the patient.

Until traditional x-rays that use film, Digital X-Rays take photos in a manner similar to a digital camera. The results are instantly available and the doctor can easily store them.

Digital X-Rays expose a patient to 50% less radiation than a traditional x-ray does. The image quality of a Digital X-Ray is superb. It is very easy to enhance or enlarge them with very little picture degradation also.

Finer details can be observed and examined. The office no longer needs to store films in every file, and older films ultimately can be scanned into your digital storage. It’s easier to share imaging. Digital X-Rays also reduce the use of water and chemicals. They are more environmentally friendly.

Digital X-rays in Chiropractic
Patients and chiropractors both benefit from digital x-ray technology. The accuracy of diagnosis will increase, as will the speed of examination. Hidden issues are more likely to be seen. The chiropractor can use the higher resolution to spot and treat conditions.

Your chiropractor will probably need to take fewer x-rays.In addition to the reduction in radiation exposure—which is already small with digital technology—the flexibility allows a greater exploration of a single exposure. We can focus on your treatment, therefore, rather than figuring out what’s going on.

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