Degenerative Disc Remedies in Bloomfield Hills, MI


Degenerative discs can be an unfortunate part of aging and can make everyday activities such as bending or walking difficult. The good news is chiropractic treatment can help ease the pain caused by degenerative discs.

What is a Degenerative Disc?

Intervertebral discs are the rubbery cushions that sit between each of our vertebrae, and their function is to cushion the blow in our spinal movement, allowing the spine to bend and twist smoothly.

The discs are made of a spongey inner layer and a harder outer layer. As we age, discs become thinner and start to lose their cushioning ability. The outer layer of the discs can also crack, and the spongy inner layer can leak out pressing on surrounding nerves and other tissue.

While aging is one of the most common causes of degenerative discs, people who do regular heavy, manual labor that includes lifting can suffer from degenerative discs. Poor physical condition and smoking can contribute to degenerative discs, as well as the condition can occur in athletes in contact sports, such as football players.

What are the Symptoms of a Degenerative Disc?

Degenerative Disc Remedies

Because a degenerative disc can press on the nerves that run down the spine, pain and other sensations can be felt in other areas of the body that the nerve serves. A disc that’s degenerated in the upper – or cervical – spine will cause symptoms such as pins and needles, weakness, and shooting pain through the shoulder and down the arms. A degenerated disc in the lower – or lumbar – spine will be felt in pain through the buttocks and down the legs.

Symptoms can flare up after both a minor injury like a fall or a major injury such as a car accident.


It’s crucial to seek treatment at the first signs of a degenerative disc as it can lead to permanent nerve damage if ignored. Degenerative disc remedies include chiropractic care to alleviate the symptoms. Spinal manipulation can help to align the vertebrae, reducing the press on the affected nerve.

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