Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) Chiropractic Services in West Bloomfield Township, MI

Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) is a simple and natural technique. It uses the response from the reflex points of the body to assess the energy that is flowing through the body to different organs and bodily systems.

When health problems such as headaches or muscle pains present themselves, doctors often treat the symptoms without addressing the source of the problem. CRA goes straight to the core of the issue and, by identifying deficiencies or imbalances, uncovers the cause of the illness. From there we can begin to treat the problem, whether that’s through nutrition or other treatments, and begin to heal the body.

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What are the Benefits?

There are around 75 known reflex points on the skin, CRA uses these to identify discrepancies in the nerve energy traveling to these reflexes from different bodily systems. The great thing about CRA is that it is non-invasive and natural, so you can rest easy knowing you’re going through a procedure that is straightforward and safe.

A considerable benefit of CRA is that it can effectively identify problems before they become a real health issue. When you tackle an issue at this early stage, it is easier to treat. Early detection and treatment also help prevent small issues from growing into more significant problems.

There have been around 30 years of research dedicated to this method, and it has led to many success stories. There are many illnesses and problems that people have addressed using CRA, such as sleep disorders, multiple sclerosis, and chronic diarrhea.

How We Can Help

At SpinePlus Chiropractic we offer contact reflex analysis (CRA) chiropractic services to the community in West Bloomfield Township. We can guide you through the process and provide you with all the information you need along the way, to reach a successful outcome.

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