Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) Chiropractic Services in Farmington Hills, MI

Contact reflex analysis is a natural and non-invasive tool used by chiropractors to determine what your body may need based on pure physical tests. The bioelectrical and muscular reflexes of the body are excellent indicators of where issues may be stemming from internally and can help your practitioner determine the precise course of treatment.

(CRA) is done by just putting pressure on an acupuncture point on the body. For example, the doctor may place a specific part of the hand and test the patients extended the arm for an “active” reflex. According to CRA, an active reflex indicates there is a deficiency that needs to be addressed.

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At its simplest, contact reflex analysis is like a questionnaire for your body. While it is not a diagnosing tool, it does answer some specific questions for your practitioner. Using all the information your body is telling you is helpful in finding the most natural solution.

Working with your chiropractor to understand not only what CRA may be telling you, but also by your other symptoms, you can begin your journey to health in the most natural and non-invasive method.

Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) chiropractic, is a beautiful tool to help explore some internal issues that have not yet come to the surface amidst the significant concerns. This tool has been known to discover the skeletomuscular problems, tight muscles, misaligned vertebrae, and even subluxation. The good news – these are all things your chiropractor can treat, but not unless they know they exist.

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At Spine Plus Chiropractic, we use CRA to aid us in your determining your individualized wellness plan. This tool is just one step in the process of understanding what your body is telling us about the weakness or deficiencies it is experiencing. From here, we will work with you in prescribing the appropriate recovery techniques, supplements, and treatment schedule on an individual basis.

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