No matter your job, you can be injured at work. Work injuries range from the mild to severe. They can require treatments ranging from a simple band-aid to major surgery.

Common Injuries
The most common and most expensive type of workplace injuries come from overexertion. Employees simply push their bodies past their limits. Repetitive activities lead to many of these injuries.

Chiropractic Treatments and Worker’s Comp
Medical treatment for on-the-job injuries is covered by worker’s compensation insurance. Your state’s regulations will influence what expenses are paid.

Worker’s comp carriers usually approve chiropractic treatment. Because of the range of possible injuries in the workplace, no course of treatment is predetermined.

Some of the common workplace injuries that chiropractors often successfully treat includeback and neck problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, tendinitis, bursitis, and rotator cuff tears.

Treatment Types
• Soft tissue manipulation—these noninvasive treatments work on damaged or tight soft tissues, and return them to regular motion. Massage and trigger point therapy, stretching, and myofascial release are all possible techniques. The chiropractor may also provide you with range-of-motion and strengthening exercises.

• Manual therapy—in addition to the soft tissue manipulation, the chiropractor may perform adjustments, intended to restore joints to their normal positions and movement.

• Home care—Patients need to be involved with their care, and your chiropractor can help design a program allowing you to work at home. The exercises in the program will work with posture and range-of-motion. Nutritional supplements and ice packs may also be part of this home care.

Your chiropractor will work with you to determine a plan that works best for you and your specific work injury.

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