Sprained ankles are quite possibly one of the most common injuries we experience as we go through life. A misjudged curb, a poorly executed jump or even a trip can all end in an injured ankle. While heat and cold compression can help with the healing, professional help should be sought. A misaligned or traumatized ankle can lead to a series of problems for the patient if left untreated.

What Is a Sprained Ankle?
A sprained ankle is one that has damage to the ligaments around the round joint that connects the leg to the foot. The ankle can roll, twist, or turn in an unnatural way that results in terrible pain, particularly when pressure is placed on the foot.

The patient should avoid any strenuous activity until the ankle is completely recovered. Rushing back into sport or just walking without support can lead to long-term problems like arthritis.

What Causes a Sprain in the Ankle?
The sprain takes place when a joint capsule or a ligament is stretched beyond its normal range of motion, causing trauma to the joint. In a more severe case, the patient may tear a ligament completely. While anyone can sprain their ankle during everyday activity, a person who wears high heels participates in team or individual sports or has a weakness in their legs is at a higher risk of a sprain.

Symptoms of a Sprained Ankle
A sprain is immediately obvious; the patient will experience a dull, warm pain and see swelling around the ankle and feel a decreased range of motion. Bruises may appear, but if deep purple bruising and extreme pain are present, the patient should seek care immediately as this is a sign of a fracture.

The Treatment of a Sprained Ankle
Consult a chiropractor for any issues with your joints, including your ankle.

Ankle alignments are one treatment for a bad ankle. Your doctor will also prepare a daily exercise regimen to keep a good range of motion in your joint. If you are using crutches, you may have some back pain from the new movement which a chiropractor can also help to relieve.

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