Most sports injuries, or injuries sustained by amateur or professional athletes, typically take place in the bones or the ligaments around the bones. The injuries can occur anywhere in the body during a game or a practice and can be treated with chiropractic care.

What Are Sports Injuries?
A sports injury occurs when the body experiences trauma during a sport or exercise. They are most common during a contact sport or some activity that places a large amount of strain on the body. They can include sprains, swollen muscles, dislocations, fractures, or shin splints and more. When left untreated, a sports injury can lead to a life-long, chronic problem.

What Causes a Sports Injury?
Sports injuries are the result of an athlete not stretching or warming up properly, straining their bodies in some way, (such as doing a sport or exercise above their level), or just pushing their body too hard. Collision can also lead to a major sports injury. They can also be the result of poor nutrition, weakness in the muscles or ligaments or some untreated problem in the body before the incident.

An intense impact to the body can cause the tissues in the body to move in a new and extreme way. This new movement results in a tear in the tissue. The result can be pain and a decreased range of motion in the injured area. If an athlete sustains an injury, help should be sought immediately as these injuries can be serious.

What Are the Symptoms?
Due to the large range of injuries that can occur during sports, there can be any number of symptoms. However, the most common are pain, swelling, and stiffness in the affected area. Head injuries such as concussions can include headaches, dizziness, and even short-term memory loss.

How Are They Treated?
A chiropractor can help with the recovery of a sports injury. The connective tissues that have sustained damage are most likely to respond to chiropractic treatments. The doctor can help the patient perform specific stretches to alleviate the stiffness and some biometric exercises or activities specifically designed for the injury.

Physiotherapy, spine adjustments and soft tissue mobilization can be used depending on area experiencing trauma. A successful treatment plan will address the underlying cause as well repair the injury.

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