Scoliosis begins as a simple bend in the spine, but left untreated can become dangerous. Chiropractic care can stop the problem, but when left untreated this spinal condition can lead to life-altering issues, including trouble breathing and painful menstrual periods.

What Is Scoliosis?
A spine should have no noticeable curves or bends. The spine curves ten degrees or more to one side in patients with scoliosis. While the curve is not serious at first, over time the body’s muscles begin to overcompensate, and the condition worsens.

Vertebrae that do not stack on top of one another in a straight line as the body needs them to use muscles to pull and push them into a better position, thus causing more strain on the body. Unfortunately, this extra work causes the condition to worsen with time.

The curve can increase anywhere from 25 to 50 degrees. It is critical this condition is treated while the patient is still young and his or her body can easily adjust the curvature.

Causes and Symptoms
Scoliosis can be caused by basic bad posture, or slumping forward as one walks, being the victim of a car accident or from muscle formation from another syndrome. Scoliosis can also be idiopathic, which means the cause is never quite clear. Adults can develop the problem because of a degenerative disease.

Scoliosis does not start with any pain or symptoms, which makes a physical exam essential. Most cases of scoliosis begin when the patient is ten or twelve years old. Back pain will eventually start to set in. Other symptoms can include:
● One hip sitting higher than the other
● The appearance of a lower back hump
● A protruding rib as the patient bends forward
● Shoulders that appear uneven as the patient stands still

How is it Treated?
It is extremely important that scoliosis is treated while the patient is young and before the problem becomes irreversible.

The patient will need regular chiropractor visits and may require a back brace to keep the spine straight and help the body develop. The braces will also take any pressure off certain areas of the body and relieve the pain of scoliosis.

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