Chiropractic care addresses chronic pain and limited mobility with a therapeutic approach that focuses on maintaining healthy musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Your age, sitting at a desk all day and limited exercise can make it harder for your body to keep movement systems functioning properly. Back, knee and hip pain can originate from your gait or posture being unbalanced. Your feet are the foundation for your entire body, and functional arch support can relieve and prevent pain throughout your body.

Orthotics relieve pain by providing arch support and correcting how your feet support your body weight. Foot Levelers are custom-made orthotics that realign your body and adjust your stance to address chronic knee, hip, and back pain. It’s a simple, non-invasive solution for managing a chronic condition and eliminating pain.

Symptoms That May Require Foot Levelers
You may have noticed your lower back pain is worse in different shoes, or that walking in bare feet makes your back hurt. You may be suffering from stiffness or neck pain, or have difficulty maneuvering, which can result in a fall. These symptoms are an indication that your gait or posture are contributing to your back pain. An arch support product may decrease your pain levels considerably.

Causes of Conditions Requiring Foot Levelers
Your feet support all your body’s weight and work to distribute it correctly when you sit, stand, or walk. Poor arch support in the feet contributes to heel pain, lower back pain, and poor posture. Flattened arches and pronation of the foot when walking makes the leg bones rotate excessively, leading to increased stress on the knees, pelvis, and lower back. These conditions can be managed with orthotic inserts.

The effect that an orthotic has on your pain depends on the design. Typical orthotics support a single arch, which can start problems in other parts of your foot by only correcting one issue. Chronic pain management is better treated with three-arch support supplied by custom-made orthotics.

Based on your unique measurements, Foot Levelers support all three arches of your foot. With a corrected stance and gait, your balance and posture will improve.Your chiropractor will recommend an exercise program designed to increase strength, balance, and coordination.

Combined with chiropractic care, Foot Levelers can minimize the risk of falls by addressing the foundation of the back, joint, knee and hip problems.

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