Almost all babies turn and put their heads close to the birth canal as they develop in the last trimester of the pregnancy. The three percent of babies who do not turn into the correct position is classified as breech babies. The breech presentation usually means the mother will need a cesarean to keep the delivery and the baby safe.

What Does Breech Presentation Mean?
The most common breech situation is called the Frank breech. This type of breech means your baby has its legs extended and feet pointed down, almost as if it’s swimming through the water. In a Frank Breech, the hips and knees are flexed.

The second most common is the Complete Breech. The word complete implies the baby is in a little cannonball position with hips spread and knees up by the child’s ears, putting the buttocks first.

The least common is the Footling or the Incomplete Breech. This one is a cross between the Complete and the Frank position. One leg is tucked up in the bent position and the second is extended so that a foot is visible outside the cervix.

Causes of Breech Presentation
There is still some mystery surrounding the exact causes of breech presentation, though some commonalities have been observed.

A woman may have a breech birth if she has had subsequent or several pregnancies. A history of premature deliveries is also common in the delivery of breech babies. The expectant mother could have issues with the child’s position if she is having multiples, such as twins or triplets.

A lack of amniotic fluid can be a problem resulting in the baby being unable to turn. Amniotic fluid is the thick, viscous fluid that holds the baby and keeps it safe in the uterus. Other causes can be an unusual shape to the uterus or problems such as abnormal growths in the uterus or a low-lying placenta.

Prevention of a Breech Birth
A chiropractic pelvic alignment is one of the best things an expectant mother can do for her child. When the pelvis is properly aligned and free from the pressure it leaves the connective tissues around the pelvis much more relaxed. When the ligaments are relaxed, the nervous system can better communicate what the body needs, give the baby more space to move and help it get into position before the birth.

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