Colicky Baby Treatment in Novi, MI

Colicky Baby Treatment

Everybody expects their newborn baby to cry and it is quite natural for the baby to do so. For some parents, however, their babies can have very long sessions of uncontrollable crying. This prolonged crying can be quite distressing for the parents and the baby.

The crying will normally begin in the evening and carry on until late at night. Around about 15-25% of newborn babies will experience this.

When you have done all your checks to ensure the baby is not sick, hungry, wet or tired but just in a bad mood, this is what is known as colic.

Causes of Colic

There is no specific cause of colic that experts will agree on. Some pediatricians say it is down to the baby or mothers diet. Others say it may be a bacterial infection in the gut. Some experts say that it is just part of normal development.

Diagnosis of Colic

There is no specific diagnosis of colic, as it is more of behavioral observation. When diagnosing colic, experts will normally go by the rule of threes. The rule of threes is usually if the baby starts excessive crying around 3 weeks old, for more than 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week and lasting more than 3 weeks.

The good news is that this will normally cease when the baby reaches 3-4 months old. If your baby is experiencing colic, it does not mean that they are sick.

Treatment of Colic

If you are a using a food formula, the baby could be having a reaction to this, and it may be best to change it.

Swaddling the baby can be a great way to get your baby off to sleep, as alleviating tiredness can help with Colicky Baby.

A warm bath is a great way to relax a baby and make them feel snug. It is also a good way to help soothe a tummy.

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