Chiropractic Therapy Services in Farmington Hills, MI

Chiropractic therapy has a history of healing various ailments of the human body that spans centuries. From sciatic nerve pain to arthritis pain of the hips and knees, from problems with digestion to muscle cramps, chiropractic therapy services promote health and wellness, reduce pain and discomfort, and help people live well with the symptoms of acute and chronic health conditions alike.

Chiropractic care is defined as the art and science of diagnosing misalignments of the joints and the overall musculoskeletal system. By providing manual manipulation, professional chiropractors prevent the occurrence or exacerbation of disease or relieve symptoms affecting the joints, muscles, bones, and organs.

Medications and physical therapy

Most chiropractors incorporate elements of other therapeutic modalities into their practice, including nutritional science, physical therapy, massage, acupressure, and dietary counseling. They may also advise the use of techniques such as heat, cold, and exercises to strengthen the body and improve range of motion.

By engaging the services of a qualified chiropractor through Spine Plus Chiropractic, you open the door to wellness and a better quality of life through holistic and evidenced-based care.

What to Expect When You Go to The Chiropractor

Many people wonder what happens when you go to the chiropractor for the first time.

Generally, the chiropractor will start by introducing themselves and their practice and getting to know you, your medical and health history, and your reasons for seeking chiropractic therapy services. They may wish to know what treatments you are trying or have used in the past for any conditions you have, and whether you are currently taking any medications.

They will conduct a physical examination, look over any X-rays you may have had, and work with you to develop a plan of treatment and care. After that, they may begin to provide chiropractic adjustments.

Spinal Stenosis Treatment

Doctor showing a female patient a part of a spine in a room

Call today and let Spine Plus Chiropractic align your body structurally and feed it nutritionally so you can experience better health.

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