Bioresonance Therapy & Treatment in West Bloomfield Township, MI

Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance therapy gives doctors deep insight into a patient’s health issues without having to conduct invasive tests. At SpinePlus Chiropractic, we use Asyra bioresonance testing equipment to guide us toward the most effective treatment solutions for your particular pain or health problem.

Listening to the Body

Your body uses electrical signals to function properly. These signals flow through your body to allow cells to communicate and perform their intended task. Bioresonance therapy builds on this concept by recognizing the fact that healthy and unhealthy cells resonate differently when subjected to an electrical signal.

By applying a weak electrical signal to your skin, bioresonance equipment can detect the presence and location of unhealthy cells. Because the equipment only needs to touch the skin to be effective, bioresonance is completely non-invasive. Physicians then use the knowledge gained from the device to suggest a treatment plan that can heal these cells. To enhance the effectiveness of bioresonance testing, doctors often test patients along their body’s acupressure points.

The Asyra Treatment System

At SpinePlus Chiropractic, we use the Asyra bioresonance treatment system to aid in diagnosing potential health issues and suggesting effective treatment plans. Unlike other bioresonance systems, Asyra offers additional flexibility by eliminating the need to focus on acupressure points during tests while maintaining a high degree of accuracy.

During an Asyra electrodermal test, the patient holds two electrodes in their hands. These electrodes send out a weak electrical signal that causes the cells in the patient’s body to resonate. The Asyra system then detects these resonations and locates imbalances in the body, such as organ stresses or nutritional deficiencies.

Using the data collected from an Asyra test, Dr. Michael J. Krygier creates a holistic treatment plan. This plan may include dietary changes or herbal or homeopathic treatments designed to bring your body back into balance and make you look and feel healthier.

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