Bioresonance Therapy & Treatment in Farmington Hills, MI

When you are experiencing pain, the first step towards recovery understands precisely from where the pain is resonating. One method we use at Spine Plus Chiropractic is the Bioresonance Therapy & Treatment method.

We have access to a state-of-the-art tool, Asyra® to aid in determining where your pain is resonating from based on the frequencies that are naturally occurring within your body.


The Asyra® device uses frequency patterns it receives from the body through skin contact or on top of light clothing. Because all cells resonate at a frequency, the system can decipher between healthy cells and unhealthy ones.

By inverting the frequency of unhealthy cells, the goal is to help them return to a healthy level of resonation. Altogether, the tool is used to turn malignant cells into healthy ones working to improve you feel your best self.

BioresonanceTherapy is both non-invasive and gentle making it suitable for even the smallest of clients: both children and babies. This type of therapy has been known to help in the diagnosis of allergies, eczema, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis. Although this tool is not a diagnosis, it works in conjunction with the help of a certified chiropractor.

Today, many people want a solution apart from what large pharmaceuticals and surgery can offer. At our offices, you will receive high-quality treatment from certified practitioners using the most innovative technology. Our bioresonance therapy tool has been known to operate at the highest level of accuracy with incredible flexibility.

Bioresonance Therapy

The Asyra® focuses on the organ systems and can help determine the exact areas that are under stress. Based on the information that Asyra® discovers, our team is ready to develop the best course of natural treatment based on the patient’s specific needs.

We will create a unique treatment plan to provide you with the best treatments possible for any health concerns or pain you may have.

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