Bioresonance therapy is a revolutionary treatment which can be used to diagnose and cure a range of illnesses. Also known as electrodermal testing, bio-energetic therapy, and vibrational medicine, bioresonance operates on the same principle as energetic healing. It is non-invasive, natural and boasts astounding results.

The science of bioresonance treats illnesses using electromagnetic frequencies. These frequencies harmonize the bioresonance of your body and its organs. Once restored, a rapid process of self-healing is started. Restoring your resonance restores your internal balance allowing all your organs to function as they should.

For example, treatment using bioresonance has proven so effective that it has spurred effects akin to spontaneous regression across a range of conditions.

Here we’ll be taking you through the earliest beginnings of this incredible form of healing. We’ll also explain the science behind bioresonance therapy and show you how it may be able to help you.

Bioresonance Therapy and Treatment

The Early Beginnings – Frequencies Mapped

This form of treatment began life as a therapy developed by Franz Morell and Erich Rasche. Initially termed MORA therapy (MORell & RAsche), this treatment began life in Germany in the 1970s.

The first MORA-Therapy instrument was developed as an all-embracing holistic technology based on sound scientific foundational theory. It holds roots in acupuncture and homeopathy as well as anatomy and pathology.

Dr. Franz Morell determined that each organ has a specific oscillation spectrum. This oscillation spectrum is detectable and measurable as a resonant magnetic frequency. The body encompasses many natural harmonic frequencies. Each one can be isolated individually and as part of a larger system.

At the meridians determined by acupuncture points, you find concentrated oscillations emitting precise frequencies. For example, a pioneering physicist Dr. Voll determined that the human body resonates between 10hz and 150khz. He also isolated the individual frequencies of the nervous system at 100khz, the brain at 150khz and the immune system at 67khz. Since then, physicists have mapped a broad range of frequencies.

Balancing Incoherent Vibrational Resonance

We are all vibrational beings sharing a magnetic resonance at a quantum level. Even planet Earth emits a measurable frequency termed the Schumann Resonance. Our environment and lifestyle effects the vibrational frequency emitted.

A bioresonance machine such as a MORA device, Vega Scan, Bicom or leading Asyra System is used to scan the body. This can identify everything from biological imbalances to objects, food types and other environmental allergens which disturb your biological harmony.

It is this harmony which is foundational to total well-being. Bioresonance therapy corrects any interference patterns. Once corrected, your body reverts to its optimal state of self-rejuvenation.

Bioresonance Therapy Procedure

A bioresonance therapy diagnostic procedure involves a reading from one of your meridians using a device which emits a magnetic circuit.

Various electronic devices are used operating on similar principles as electroencephalography (EEG) and ultrasound. The intensity of your reading reveals key information concerning your health and body. Many of the imbalances which cause our disorders are connected ways which you would never expect.

An analysis of your bioresonance will reveal underlying connections at the root of poor health. Bioresonance therapy is an astonishingly effective treatment once discordant frequencies have been isolated. Electromagnetic impulses at precise ranges are sent to match and harmonize discordance, which stimulates the body to heal itself at a rapid rate thanks to the natural state it returns.

Bioresonance Therapy

Release and Heal with Bioresonance Therapy MI

Stress-inducing factors and undesirable environmental factors disrupt communication between our cells. This includes toxins, bacteria, diet and external stimuli. As our cellular activity becomes impeded organic changes and physical symptoms arise. Thus, changing your bioresonance.

Therapy using a bioresonance procedure ensures the release of harmful substances and interference.
The best bioresonance therapy Michigan has to offer will return your body to a healthy state within just a few sessions.

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