Back Pain Treatment Specialist & Doctor in West Bloomfield Township, MI

Back Pain Treatments

Back pain is one of the most intrusive forms of pain. Since you use your back for almost any movement, lingering pain can make doing even simple tasks very unpleasant. Working with spinal and back problems regularly as a chiropractor, Dr. Michael J. Krygier understands how to alleviate common back pain issues. On top of providing excellent care to help stop the pain, at SpinePlus Chiropractic we can also tailor a total health plan for you so that back pain never comes back once it’s gone.

Back Pain Treatment

To treat back pain, SpinePlus Chiropractic reviews your medical history and assesses the best ways to encourage recovery. As a chiropractic clinic, we perform spinal adjustments and stretch your body to ease strained muscles or ligaments. These adjustments realign your body so that your body maintains the structural integrity it needs to support itself.

During your treatment plan, we recommend you get as much rest as possible. This allows your body to heal while also lowering the risk that you might reinjure yourself. We also recommend hot and cold therapy to treat underlying causes for your back pain such as arthritis and to reduce inflammation in the affected area.

Post-Treatment Care

Unlike other back pain doctors, Dr. Krygier believes in maintaining the health and well-being of his patients even after successful treatment. SpinePlus Chiropractic works with you to develop a health improvement plan that fits your unique medical history and your current lifestyle.

To keep back pain away after treatment, we provide natural remedies and pharmaceutical grade supplements that support your body’s ability to heal itself. We can also give you advice on dietary changes or exercises to keep your back in great shape throughout and even after your treatment plan.

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