Achilles Tendonitis Homeopathy in West Bloomfield Township, MI

Achilles Tendonitis

If you are experiencing limited ankle flexibility when flexing your foot, pain during walking or running, swelling at the back of the ankle, and tight calf muscles you may be suffering from Achilles tendonitis.

Tendonitis is an ongoing injury that can disappear and return throughout your lifetime. Achilles tendonitis homeopathy treatment can help you manage the long-lasting effects.

The Achilles

The Achilles is a large tendon that connects the heel bone and the gastrocnemius, or calf muscle. This tendon plays a vital role in activities like running, walking, and jumping.

Achilles Tendonitis

Tendonitis of the Achilles is the inflammation of the tendon. Non-insertional Achilles tendonitis and insertional Achilles tendonitis are the two primary types of this injury.

Non-insertional Achilles tendonitis refers to tendonitis within the middle region of the tendon. On the other hand, insertional Achilles tendonitis is inflammation at the insertion point where tendon and bone meet.

The causes of Achilles tendonitis vary. Poor or over-excessive fitness practices are the leading cause of tendonitis in athletes. Additionally, improperly fitting shoes, high heels, and the natural weakening of the tendon as we age also cause Achilles tendonitis.

Both forms of Achilles tendonitis benefit from the use of Achilles tendonitis homeopathy offered by our specialists.

Risks of Not Seeking Treatment

If you ignore Achilles tendonitis pain, it may lead to serious complications such as the complete rupture of the tendon, which would require surgical treatment. Always consult with your doctor if you believe you have an injury.

Homeopathic Treatment

A holistic approach, Achilles tendonitis homeopathy focuses on finding natural ways to alleviate your pain in combination with your standard physiotherapy treatments.

Homeopathic treatments allow your body to heal itself naturally with the assistance of natural substances to initiate the process. Substances that promote healthy healing are either taken orally or massaged into the skin.

Our specialists can provide you with over-the-counter holistic substances to help relieve tendonitis symptoms.

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