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Dr. Michael J. Krygier attended the University of Connecticut for his undergraduate degree. He continued a professional education degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University combined with a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition. He holds an Herbal degree from the Australian College of Phytotherapy.

Dr. Krygier played semi-professional hockey and is active in coaching and applying his education of health knowledge to up and coming athletes, professional athletes as well as the general public. Dr. Krygier has been actively involved in lecturing on health education to the public for 18 years. His application of research and scientific studies has allowed him to excel in helping people with difficult health challenges achieve success and better quality of life.

Mission Statement

At SpinePlus Chiropractic, we take a two key point approach to health issues. The first key point we focus on is chiropractic care. Addressing any mechanical issues the patient may have affecting their structure such as neck and back pain, as well as extremity pain including shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankle, and knee pain.

The second key point we focus on is nutritional strategies. We do this through testing that is applied to many diseases and conditions from a chemical standpoint. Supplements, for example, a gallbladder problem can defer pain between the shoulder blades, cause dull headaches behind the eyes, and could also cause knee pain. While chiropractically T5-T7 of the thoracic spine can be the cause or effect of the problem.

By applying many years of knowledge and applying our two key points approach, we can help people with a multitude of health difficulties listed on our webpage. Our goal, at SpinePlus Chiropractic, is to align the body structurally and feed the body nutritionally based on the patient’s specific needs.

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